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fullmetalchaz's News

Posted by fullmetalchaz - December 22nd, 2021

A few days ago I realized that I've been part of this website for 16 years and I felt this number was very special.

Why you ask, because my account is now the same age as me when I joined way back in 2005. (Half my life ago)

I've always found stuff like that interesting to think about, stuff being as old as you when you brought em.

(Still got my PS2 copy of Sonic Mega Collection Plus from when I was 16)

Same with people, anyone who was born when I finished school will now have graduated this year themselfs.

(Good luck kids, the easy part of life is over)

So yeah, thats it really but I saw that the last time I posted was 6 years ago so decided to one for this special occasion.

Before I go, I'll leave some links that go to NG movies/games that really impressed and inspired me during my first few years on the site, go take a look.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday and happy new year (no more lockdowns,plz)

Mario's Blocks

Bitey of Brackenwood

MGS: 3: Crab Battle

SBC Plays Pacman

Orlando's Joint #1

Johnny Rocketfingers 2

Sonic: Uncut 3


SMB: Game Over (1up)

Tails and his GBA 3

Metal Gear Awesome

Sonic Oddball Crackups

The PS3 Song

Power Star 4

Yet Another Day

Pico Sim Date

One More Final Battle

Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep6

Decline of Video Gaming 3

Earthquake Girl



Posted by fullmetalchaz - December 14th, 2015

Ummm, not sure how to start this and I've got a lot to say but here it goes.

First, TEN YEARS, ONE DECADE, 3650 days. Seroiusly though, I don't think theres any other website or really anything for that matter that I've been a part of for this long.  

It feels like I've grown up with this site, first joining as a kid and still being here now typing this as an adult.

Second, NAME CHANGE AND SUPPORTER:- Seeing as how NG has been giving me stuff to watch everyday for the last decade, I think it's only fair that I give them some digital dollars every month starting today, well that and it gives me the option to change my username.

For almost ten years I was stuck with -piggyclock- for almost my entire NG life. Fullmetalchaz has always been the name I wanted, same as my Youtube channel but I could never change it cus I remember Tom disabling name changing back in 2006 so I just had to stick with it >:(

Third,  A Link to the past:- the link below will take you to the main page of Newgrounds December 2005, take a look for some nostalgia.



I think thats everything, glad to still be here after all this time, see ya around :3







Posted by fullmetalchaz - December 21st, 2014

9 years, outrageous.

Sometimes I wonder what would I have been doing if I hadn't cared what my friend was watching on his laptop that very day on 13th December 2005 as that site he was on would become my main source of entertainment for years to come.

See, when I discoved Newgrounds I quickley found that it was something far bigger than i realised.

It was a land of opportunity, a chance to make a name for yourself.

But even if you couldn't make good movies/ games, there were still lots of things you could do.

Level Up, Write reviews, Blam & Protect, watch flash tutorials, post on the NG BBS and so on.

So if it wasn't for Newgrounds I would have never spent most of my young adult life sitting in a chair, negleting my family and ignoring my responsibilities so thank you Tom Fulp, thank you.


Posted by fullmetalchaz - October 26th, 2014

On this last week of October I thought I'd give a list of the vids and cartoons I watch every year on this spooky event.

Elliot Goes Camping - 



Treat or Else -



Ed Edd Eddy Boo Haw Haw - 





Jontron Goosebumps -


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiHvu4RfNNw&src_vid=foXTsDKvRgc&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_2199505915     The Blair Witch Project -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_Hw4bAUj8A         Recommend some stuff to me if you want.















Posted by fullmetalchaz - September 14th, 2014

Almost done the next LoM episode but damn, it's been exhasting.

Still gotta add medals and a few other things though


Posted by fullmetalchaz - January 19th, 2014

So today I turned 25, anyone know what do people do at this age?

When I was younger as a teen, I always thought that by the time I was this age, I would be something amazing and godlike but alas I'm still just me. But rather than look down on this I should be glad Iv'e made it this far because believe it or not, not everyone makes it to 25 so be happy your still here.

Second, thanks for 100 fans, may not mean a lot to some animating bigshot but to a small part time game/ animator guy like me, it's quite nice.

Third, over the months, people have asked for the next part of Lands of Mobius. At first it wasn't something I was considering but since the demand seemed big, I got to work on it. 








Posted by fullmetalchaz - December 14th, 2013

So I've been a member on this site for 8 whole years................great

I remember when I first came to this site in early December all those years ago. The first movies I remember watching were Beer Is Good music video, The Ultimate Showdown and Flathead Symphony

I recently found a website called Internet Archive which allows you to look at web pages from past years.

So I looked for the Newgrounds page from December 14 2005, and I felt happy to see it, I still fancy that layout from the one used today.


Link to page


Posted by fullmetalchaz - December 14th, 2012

Has it really been 7 years I mean REALLY, I feel old.

When I first joined this site I was 16, had no flash experience, didn't even know there was a program called that.

It was in February 2006 (now 17) after looking at so many movies and games I thought just one thing, how are they making these? After a bit of investigating I found out that they used a program called flash 8. I downloaded a 30 trial and got straight into it.

My creativity spark was so huge back then, I was always looking for ways to improve my flash, looking at newgrounds tutorials and Learn Flash videos all day and night.

But when it came to submitting my masterpiece to the portal, ONE THING always got in my way, THE JUDGEMENT SYSTEM.

As the months went by I watched as my creations got destroyed again and again and again by the unforgiving community.
Sometimes I would resubmit a deleted flash in a blind rage almost demanding that it should pass judgement but to no avail.

It wasn't until the middle of 2007 that something finally got through but only just. I felt so good seeing it there on the site with no purple colour over it. It was there to stay and be seen by my fellow newgrounders. After that getting my work past the judgement system got easier and easier until so easy I didn't even have to try.

So yeah there's some history about me.

7 Years As a Newgrounder

Posted by fullmetalchaz - June 28th, 2012

Took me long enough.

Sup Commander

Posted by fullmetalchaz - December 15th, 2011

Well I kinda of thought I'd still be here...........