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10 YEARS AS A NEWGROUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015-12-14 17:43:57 by fullmetalchaz

Ummm, not sure how to start this and I've got a lot to say but here it goes.

First, TEN YEARS, ONE DECADE, 3650 days. Seroiusly though, I don't think theres any other website or really anything for that matter that I've been a part of for this long.  

It feels like I've grown up with this site, first joining as a kid and still being here now typing this as an adult.

Second, NAME CHANGE AND SUPPORTER:- Seeing as how NG has been giving me stuff to watch everyday for the last decade, I think it's only fair that I give them some digital dollars every month starting today, well that and it gives me the option to change my username.

For almost ten years I was stuck with -piggyclock- for almost my entire NG life. Fullmetalchaz has always been the name I wanted, same as my Youtube channel but I could never change it cus I remember Tom disabling name changing back in 2006 so I just had to stick with it >:(

Third,  A Link to the past:- the link below will take you to the main page of Newgrounds December 2005, take a look for some nostalgia.


I think thats everything, glad to still be here after all this time, see ya around :3







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2015-12-14 17:59:19

I miss old Newgrounds. You know, like, 10-15 years ago when it wasn't all about cock and faggot jokes.


2015-12-14 20:11:21

ONE DECADE on newgrounds. That is wonderful. Happy new year


2015-12-14 20:37:30

Omfg! I heart you so much for taking us back to 2005 Newgrounds. Its just as I remember it.


2015-12-14 22:16:04

Congratulations! This time next year will be my ten year anniversary.


2015-12-15 01:01:48

Happy 10th birthday dude!


2015-12-15 05:09:09

(Nods) Cool, happy ten year anniversary on Newgrounds, Dude.


2015-12-15 12:53:55

Congatulations my dear old fart!


2015-12-16 15:11:41

Thank you! my first time at newgrounds at past 2003 :)


2015-12-16 19:16:50

Oh man I remember that post that Tom made about food poisoning! The old layout too! Memoriiiies!

Happy 10th NG birthday!


2017-03-01 13:47:58

congrats on level 60

fullmetalchaz responds: